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Business Intelligence provides a repeatable, consistent approach for an enterprise to continually improve its understanding of internal and external operations.  It provides historical, current, and predictive views of business operations that span from daily operations through tactical objectives and strategic goals.

BI services consist of transaction and aggregate reporting levels, online analytical processing, data mining (exposing implied relationships among business data), business performance management, benchmarking, text mining, and predictive analytics.  This information deluge is usually presented in the form of one or more dashboards containing graphic gadgets that themselves represent simple process status indicators and key performance indicators (KPIs).

KPIs allow a manager to establish a performance threshold (low & high) and show the current status of the KPI as either achieving the goal or failing it.  In either case, these gadgets support notifications (alarms/alerts) distributed to assigned decision makers via  email, text message or other schemes.  Each dashboard gadget and distributed alert also supports user drill down in order to more easily discover the root cause of the issue and support any recommendation to avoid the issue in the future.

BI spans and supports internal and external decision making reaching to customers and suppliers (the intelligence can address the whole supply chain) as well as potential threats from competitors.

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