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Gemba Kaizen Walk About Improvements


- Gemba - japanese meaning "the actual place" or "the real place" where value is added
- Kaizen - japanese meaning "improvement" 

This is the same as "Management by Walking Around".  It is a way of gathering information from the bottom up to compare with lateral management feedback so you can determine one truth.  The purpose of the walk about is to look for waste and improvement opportunities.


1   Visit everyone
2   Go alone
3   Don't bypass middle management (changing priorities, requirements, deadlines)
4   Observe, ask and listen
5   Be genuine, get people engaged
6   Share your vision for the effort
7   Don't disturb the Gemba (workplace)
8   Correlate the Gemba observations with the top-down understanding
9   Identify waste, risks and opportunities
10 Kaizen - improve and optimize based on the new know how
11 Give people credit for their ideas

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